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In today’s blog post, I want to share something that happened that is a little more personal to me.

As you know, I am a life coach and a few weeks ago, a friend of mine and her husband…..they came over to visit here in our house and we were just having a really nice visit

and the topic came up about my coaching business and she very lovingly mentioned that….how do I say it nicely


…..that maybe life coaching wouldn’t be the best choice for me to do because I grew up very sheltered.

My mom had my sister and I always going to a christian school, so I never went to a public school and was just very naive and sheltered in many ways and that is how I grew up and that is absolutely true! I can’t deny that.

So my friend was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be of great value or have a lot of advice or suggestions to be able to help people with whatever issues they are going through in their life because I grew up in such a sheltered childhood.

I share this because I actually don’t agree with her at all and I want to share my reasons why.


I think that there are a lot of times that people who love us and really care about us…..they, they’re trying to help, so obviously they are not trying to hurt us but being a coach is soo different from being a counselor.

It is not my job to tell people what to do or even really to make suggestions, sure, I can…right? Of course, but my job as a life coach is more to listen and it’s more about helping them get from where they are to where they want to be by listening to them and by asking questions.


So it isn’t really a situation where I need to have lived this… full rounded life, have experienced going to public school or living in the ghetto

or living wealthy…..


like, it’s not that I needed to have experienced it ALL in order to help people.

So my point is, you can help people no matter your upbringing.

You can help people no matter your beliefs, whether religious,


or otherwise. You know….we can Still help people!

So I would like to encourage you to not let someone, even if they are doing it in a kind and loving way....don’t let them convince you to not pursue your goals, your dreams……


If you have something that you Really want to do...then by all means, Go for it!


If you have a goal, a desire or a dream, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t go for it!


And so, I hope this helps encourage you to take the advice from people who love you and who mean well…..just take it with a grain of salt.

Because in this instance, I don’t think that she even really understood exactly what it was that I would be doing as a life coach.

I think she thought that I would be counseling people. However coaching is really SOO much more about listening and about asking the right questions to help the person see maybe where they might go in a different direction in order to go from where they are to get to where they want to be.

So anyways, I just hope that if there is anything that you really want to do and that you’ve been thinking about doing or you are currently trying to do...and if someone has been trying to say “I don’t know….are you really sure that you want to do that?” “Are you sure you should do that?”

If you Really want to do it….deep down, you GO FOR IT!!!!


As I said in the title of this….. YOU DO YOU!!!

So I don’t want anyone or anything to get in the way of your goals or your dreams so You GO for it!

Don’t let anyone stop you or even slow you down from going for your goals and your dreams!!


I really hope you have found this to be helpful.

As always…..I would love to hear from you!

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